Flex Framework

Make every day a good day

Translating strategic goals into daily engagement, actions and results

From the strategy you designed, ACTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT© helps you to assess your execution, to translate goals into daily achievements, to inspire people, to focus on value-added work, to measure progress and adjust actions, to increase your people capacity.

Our integrative, adaptive and dynamic framework focuses your organisation towards collaboration and innovation. Start to translate your ambition into daily actions. To make the change you want.


Make your change happen

Growth, Efficiency, Culture

With goals, values, people, processes, projects and measures interconnecting and fitting together, you will see significant short-term and long-term benefits such as :

  • Our tailor made assessment allows you to understand how your employees are living the actual change, so you can take action where it matters. Instead of relying on a guess or heavy work, you feel connected with the reality.

  • Our customer specific interactive workshops allow your leaders and employees to diverge, converge and commit to action, so you can trust the change will happen. Instead of relying on fire-fighting, you feel everyone is pushing in the same direction. 

  • Our customer specific interventions at workplace allow you to see actual change. Instead of relying on reports, you see the actions directly linked to the desired results, you feel everyone is focused and proud of giving their share of the results. 

  • Our simple governance allows you to measure real-time progress. Instead of meetings, you visually see the impact of individual actions on overall change. ​​


Time is our most precious resource

Ready to start?

Step 1: Measure where you stand

It starts with the why and the amazing things you already have in place.

1-2 days interactive assessment to deliver

  • Your strategy execution diagnosis

  • Your recommended actions

Allows you to define what matters:  why, what, who, when.


STEP 2: Be in control.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

ACTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT© flex framework to help to focus on the changes which matter to you.

1-2 days to select your relevant elements to deliver

  • Your specific change journey interconnecting and fitting to your change projects and initiatives. 

Gives you the how to continue a successful execution. 


STEP 3: Make it happen and stick.

ACTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT© services are specific to assist your own change journey.

1-4 days interactive deliveries 

  • Organisation alignment

  • New actions at workplace

  • Measure and Adjust

  • New Know how relevant to your changes: people, process, technology.

  • Governance to master current and future changes.

Makes the change happen and and make it stick.



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