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Bridging the worlds of
Strategy and Execution.

"A wealthy company is a wealthy society"

PhD in Mathematics and Information Sciences, M’Bayang (don’t pronounce the M’) is an international senior leader with numerous successes in leading international operations and businesses development. With multi-skilling experiences that encompasses roles in Information Services, General Management, Manufacturing, Human resources, Business Development, Strategy development and execution. A versatile background rooted in the science of data, that includes operating in academia, start-up and corporate. With people and for people.

Passionate about strategy execution, M’Bayang founded ACTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT©  to address the long-lasting 70% of companies failing at strategy execution.


M’Bayang designed and practiced ACTIVE CHANGE MANAGEMENT© using the many gifts she had received: a holistic approach and a team spirit from her academic years, a taste for system modelling developed from years in a start-up, multi-skilling experiences from twenty years immersion in problem-solving, creativity, change management and decision-making. Convinced that the core of change rests upon human beings. 


She helps board and operational decision makers to translate strategies into actionable and accelerated solutions. From strategy formulation for execution, from facilitating to building individuals, teams and organisations capability.


​​“[…] gets teams to achieve what they are meant to achieve. In the process some people may need to be taken out their their comfort zone, but M'Bayang has an uncanny talent for doing this with good humour and heartfelt empathy.

Sebastien Dupuis, CEO

“[…] her drive, energy and capability to work across different environments & culture. She has an uncanny ability to read a room of people and motivate them towards achieving expected results. Her passion is infectious and she has built deep capabilities to help an organisation develop its strategic intent, communicate and execute it effectively”. 

René Bohren,
Director quality assurance

“[…] the definitely greatest business transformation counselor I had ever known. She unify diverse talents in only one person: thank you […] M’Bayang for BRIDGING THE WORLDS OF STRATEGY AND EXECUTION“.

Marco Lobietti, Visual practitioner

“Great facilitation skills to align an organisation top-down and bottom-up, and focus everyone on clear goals”. 

Behzat Turegun, Director Operations.

"A simple approach to complex strategy implementation".

Iman Perret, Head of Business Performance.



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